Time Wasters.png

We do them often. We do them daily. But most of them are a waste of time.
Are you clear on which of these activities don't serve you?

This list isn't about quitting these activities altogether – the goal is to identify when we're unintentionally drawn to them, draining our most precious assets: TIME and ENERGY.

Here are tips to replace/discard these 7 Major Time-Wasters:

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA: Remember, most content is fabricated. Use it with intention – share meaningful information and build genuine connections – to create real worth in the social media space.

  2. TV/MOVIES: They're highly entertaining, but don’t let them become a mindless routine. Watch TED Talks and documentaries to grow your mind. When exhausted mentally and craving zone-out time, couple it with another productive activity like laundry or stretching.

  3. PHONE/GAME APPS: These become ADDICTING time-sponges! Replacing them with apps that exercise your brain (Lumosity, Duolingo, etc.) generates the same action, but much more value.

  4. VIDEO GAMES: They're a lot of fun when intentional time is set aside to enjoy them... But if they're taking away from your motivation to live real life, get off the console and play the real game! Find activities that give you goals to pursue.

  5. SHOPPING: “Retail therapy” both busts and creates stress. Try accumulating KNOWLEDGE vs. STUFF; try decluttering vs. acquiring. These actions fulfill the impulse while sparing your schedule and wallet! (I personally get the same "high" cleaning my space as I used to shopping for new items to put in my space)

  6. IDLE CHIT-CHAT: Conversations are crucial in life. To make the most of them, schedule face-to-face (videophone/in-person) connections and experiences to add more value to your time.

  7. NEGATIVITY: We all experience trauma and have human reactions. The key is to learn that despite the experience, you have a choice to feed the negativity, allowing it to steal your remaining joy, thus breeding more negativity... Or practice gratitude and acceptance, end the suffering and grow peace.

I hope this helps you identify ways to lessen or eliminate time-wasters in your life. You can’t make more time, so use yours wisely!

Which of these categories could you cut back on? What value-adding activity can you replace them with?

Much love,