5 Tips: How to Travel Without a Savings

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There’s a misconception that only the wealthy can travel well. While some could debate the meaning of “well” in this instance, there is no doubt that if you enjoy and have fun on your travels, then you are doing it well!

Even if you don’t have a big budget or savings account to splurge on all the tourist spots, you can still travel – and well! Creative ways I’ve found to make my travel dreams come true are outlined here for you.

  1. Sell What Weighs You Down: I preach over and over again the magnitude of minimalism – and with reason. Take a look around – what’s keeping you locked in the cycle of debt, that could instead earn you income by selling it?

  2. Simplify: Are you buying things just to impress others? Living in a luxury home when a simpler home would suffice? There are many ways to simplify life that can boost your ability and freedom to travel!

  3. Take A Leap: Rather than booking fancy hotels and overpriced tourist activities, approach your travels with the intent to actually experience the local culture. LIVE IT rather than just VISIT IT.

  4. Be Resourceful: Learn skills to earn money while on your trip, use campgrounds and public transportation, get out of your comfort zone. Getting out there and doing the things you’re afraid to do lead you to adventure and becoming the person who travels freely and flexibly.

  5. Don’t Abandon Responsibilities: It’s not about running away; it’s about building a life you don’t need to run from. Get out there and LIVE!

If you want to travel, but lack the budget – look again. When you focus on gathering experiences rather than belongings, your money goes further. Vacation doesn’t have to be reserved for the summer – let’s make it part of your everyday!