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When you’re on vacation you are relaxed, happy, centered and rested. But let me ask you this: On most days do you feel overwhelmed?
If you’re like most people, you feel like life is unbalanced. You’re trying to manage kids, work, health and finances. The work piles up, bills have to get paid, and the exhaustion increasingly gets worse. This life that you thought would be full of fulfillment and joy, is too often filled with stress and burn-out.

My name is MJ Gordon and my goal is to help provide you with clear steps that help you create the lifestyle of your dreams. Less is truly more. By cultivating the habit of simplifying life down to the things that matter, you identify what serves your highest purpose, creates your best self, and living a life that feels like an everyday vacation.
Check out my free quick start guide below to get started and connect with me and our wonderful community.
I look forward to seeing you around!

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Everyday Vacation is a place where I help you discover what makes your life worth living and how to break free from the cycle of imbalance and stress so you can elevate your everyday experience, find fulfillment, and balance.

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Refresh and organize your home and possessions to create space for inspiration and functional living. Less cleaning, less clutter, more free space, more time.

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Upgrade your financial life by learning what things hold you back from creating the financial freedom and abundance you desire and how you can easily overcome them.

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Eliminate blocks caused by exhaustion and low energy. Restore vitality, ease, and energy to your body. Simple principles that keep you healthy and full of energy for life.

Make your dream a reality, live your Everyday Vacation by identifying and customizing life elements that create freedom, fulfillment, and joy.


Everyday Vacation takes you from where you are to where you’ve wanted to go…

  • Find your balance, cultivate peace, and live a truly meaningful life

  • Have absolute certainty on what adds value to you and the things that hold you back

  • Upgrade your quality of living with more space, time, energy, and motivation

  • Gain confidence and direction towards your purpose and passions

  • Live fearlessly… unhindered by time, money, or energy

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My Simplify Quick Start Guide will help you begin to remove physical clutter from your living spaces. This guide has decluttering checklists for your home, simplifying grocery shopping, packing for travel & more! Get the Simplify Life Quickstart Guide for FREE when you sign up to receive my blog updates via email.

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I always believed my life was destined for something amazing. Something that I could look back and say, "Wow, I have no regrets because I've truly lived." I never really bought into the whole idea that I was meant to sacrifice working at a job that I hated, in order to buy things that didn't matter, to impress people I didn't really like. Even though I had my doubts that I could really live a life that felt like an everyday vacation, my findings were astounding. Pretty much everything I believed were exactly the things that held me back from creating my best life... And that was something I was determined to change.

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