MJ Media is a digital ad agency specializing in marketing through multi-media content creation and online marketing for hundreds of brands and clients worldwide.

As a group of successful influencers, producers, & marketers we focus on creating meaningful and moving digital experiences that showcase the magic of life while adding value to both the brand & its customers (including the production of all of MJ’s social media and brand content).

Established in 2011 when several of MJ Gordon’s videos went viral on the web, she combined forces with other successful creatives, producers and marketing geniuses to create a service that helps people like you, create gorgeous, high-vibe visuals for your brand while maximizing conversions, with the least amount of effort.

Be Impactful & Memorable by creating an Authentic Experience for your Brand

Our expertise in visual production, social media and marketing was built off of our own successes in these fields. We’ve how to portray your brand’s authentic energy through photo and video storytelling, allowing us to reduce the learning curve for you and apply everything we know to make your content marketable!