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The practice of simplifying life (aka minimalism) came to me because of my love to travel freely, frequently, and unattached to financial or time constraints.

There was a time I only wished to travel "someday". I'd admire my vision board and travel magazines, thinking about what it would be like to have the freedom to explore. I didn't realize I was only limited by my attachment to 4 easily overlooked things:

  1. SPENDING - I never had the money to travel because I never consciously saved for it. I didn't make a lot of money when I finally figured this one out... I only started setting aside $50-$100 each month to begin my adventures.

  2. DEBT - Because I was always spending more than I made I was weighed down by the biggest anchor out there: debt. I could never justify spending on a trip when I owed more than that to creditors. (Worst feeling in the world).

  3. OVER SCHEDULING - Even when I started saving money I was always planning for the future because I didn't make room on my calendar! I had too many obligations and allowed myself to be peer pressured into making other plans with friends instead of making them for myself.

  4. FEAR - The idea of traveling alone or visiting a foreign place can feel disorienting or overwhelming that we often don't take the first step.


  • Set the intention to travel. Plan for where, when, and how much it will cost you. Then put the date on the calendar!

  • Set aside a set budget each month to pay down your debt if you have any, then save for travel once the debt is paid off. It doesn't take much to jet-set if you know the best way to travel.

  • Start small. Even if you have no money to travel you can explore your town, live like a tourist, or make bigger changes like selling your possession and changing your income stream.