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If a picture says a thousand words, what can a video do?
Our videography brings the magic to life capturing the motion of your message while taking the time to focus in on beauty of the experience in it’s entirety. If you have something to share, our goal is to share that feeling with your audience.

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Our goal as videographers is to generate the most memorable and enjoyable experience for the audience we are catering to, as well as communicating your story in a way that viewers can connect with. Our Commercial Video service prioritizes this goal with emotion inducing imagery, motion, & heightened sensations for a truly memorable experience.

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Information is retained and absorbed more efficiently if it is viewed, understood, and experienced at the same time. We create information videos that are generated to add value to your viewers while keeping their attention with engaging visuals and demonstrations while incorporating a fine tuned balance of key highlights and entertainment.

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Health, Yoga & Fitness

Whether you're looking for content building from some of the best certified trainers and yoga instructors or you are interested in featuring your product, it's benefits, and uses; our fitness and yoga video service can render you visual assets that are enjoyable to watch, clear, concise, and easy to follow along.

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UNDER 1000

Simple, effective videos intended for a singular message. Perfect for banners and social media ads, and all under $1,000.



WOW!!! This was soooooo good it actually made me laugh out loud in amazement! Truly loved this project and the communication, professionalism in updates, and of course the top, top quality content makes this the service to beat! Love love love it and will be back!! Thanks MJ - you rock!

— Nigel, Mantra Sports

“Highly Recommend!”

MJ is great as always. The videos she creates for me are always high quality and really shows her chops as a health instructor. I highly recommend her for any fitness or yoga related videos!

— Emma, Fit Simplify