Grateful Gordons Photography

Our goal is to discover your passion and message and bring it to life in our photography. Pictures are a still moment in time, but they are intended to move the viewer. Our images aim to be vibrant in color and experience, deepening the engagement in emotion and interest.

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Storytelling Images

We believe visual Imagery is meant to create a story evoking a memorable experience or emotion. Each project has is own unique texture and storyline that come to life in a collection of images we create specifically for you. Our photography can be broken down into two broad categories: Product and Lifestyle.


Our goal for product photography is showcase your product in the most appealing and true to life way possible. Whether it's on a pure white backdrop for eCommerce or an atmospheric, natural setting the star of the image is your product and we're guarunteed to make it shine!

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If we are drawn to something we observe it's easier for us to see ourselves in that situation. With each lifestyle image our objective is to help your buyers understand how your product or brand can add value while illustrating it's practical use.

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