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Love it or hate it, we ALL have to prepare meals at some point! Often, this task can seem tedious or maybe you don't feel like you have the energy after a long day. This will, typically, lead us to an alternative option, like eating out. 😬 Convenient, yes... healthy or sustainable, no.

Today I want to help you demystify healthy eating.

Here is my a three-step meal prep plan that is quick, easy, and flexible - so you can whip up tasty and nutritious meals in no time.

MJ's Simplified, Healthy Meals:

  1. Pick Your Base: A mix of whole grains + fat proteins + veggies creates the perfect base for all my meals. My staples are quinoa and rice varieties, coupled with avocados or meat/meat substitutes, and then a good dose of veggies, beans, or any greens you love.

  2. Add Complementary Flavors: Based on your palate, pick some tasty vegetables or herbs and spices to really bring out the flavor of the base you chose. Go for color – eat the rainbow to get all your minerals and vitamins! Peppers, mushrooms, basil, garlic, ginger, turmeric, etc. can really pack a delicious punch.

  3. Add Spices / Sauces: The frosting on the cake, so to speak – jazz up your meal with lemon juice, salsa, hummus, a drizzle of sauce or a dressing that makes your mouth water.

Prepare a big batch of your favorites and you can mix and match for days.

TIP: Try it in a big bowl, on a bed of greens, or tucked inside a burrito. Using a mix of these simple ingredients really maxes out your flavor profiles so you don’t feel bored with your meals, plus it’s still so simple and nutritious.

We can eat healthy and it doesn't have to be an energy drain! We can feel better about ourselves and overall, have more energy when you choose to eat healthy home meals.

Use these easy-peasy methods to make your meal prep efficient and effective, without sacrificing taste and variety. You can find more inspo for energy-boosting meals here and additional energy-boosting resources on my website AND now on my Pinterest!

Bon appétit, my friends!


Time Wasters (2).png

Does this sound like you?

Pushing to the max, trying to get the most out of every aspect of life (health, wealth, love, happiness!), and feeling like you just can’t achieve balance with it all?

I totally get you!

You don’t have to be diagnosed with a chronic fatigue issue to be overwhelmed and exhausted – it happens to just about everyone!

If you're low on energy here are Five Tips to Create More When You’ve Run Out...

  1. Water - So crucial yet so frequently forgotten. Make sure you’re getting plenty of high-quality, naturally alkaline water to up your energy. Trust me, it makes a difference!

  2. Breathe - When you’re racing through your day, taking just 3-5 minutes to relax ultimately helps you be more productive and efficient; you perform best when you’re recharged.

  3. Meal Prep - Utilizing a meal service or taking a day to meal-plan removes the stress not only of grocery shopping, but also of trying to ensure that all your meals are balanced, nutritious, and still delicious.

  4. Take Inventory - Keeping inventory of where you spend your time and energy helps cut out energy-wasters while identifying energy restorers. Make a list of what serves you and what makes you feel good vs. what depletes your time and energy.

  5. Time for YOU - Help yourself feel amazing by moving, restoring, breathing, reflecting, and adjusting your mindset. Taking a little time each day (as little as 5-minutes!) to pour into loving yourself can make a huge difference, keeping you positive and resilient.

We all want to feel like we're succeeding above and beyond the important areas of life! These simple actions will help level up your energy and create the balance you need to accomplish all your goals and grow.


FATIGUE… the thing that robs us most of our time and energy. If you’re suffering, I totally feel you. I’ve been there myself – and I am committed to help guide you towards recovery.
After curing chronic adrenal fatigue, I compiled 5 crucial tipsto help you piece together your path to healing:

  1. SEEK HELP. Asking for help isn’t always easy or obvious. Consulting experts is key to finding out what’s happening within your body so you can start healing effectively.

  2. SIMPLIFY. Prioritizing your health is crucial to gaining long-term energy. Adjusting your schedule may mean cutting back on exercise, work projects, or social events – but letting go of energy robbers will allow us the space we need to heal.

  3. BE KIND TO YOURSELF. This can be hard – we’re our own worst critic! Learning to be kind to yourself, having patience and grace as you navigate, goes a long way. In the end, taking time to create space for yourself means you gain capacity to help others more. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so fill yours up!

  4. STEP BACK. Take a hiatus – 30 minutes everyday or a few days every month, it’s so important to simply rest. While keeping busy is healthy, it’s not healthy to be “always on.”

  5. FEEL-GOOD CHANGES. Fatigue isn’t cured overnight. It takes time and consistent adjustments. Start small and easy – something as simple as going to bed 5-10 minutes earlier. Steady, incremental changes lead to big changes. Starting with the easy ones, the harder ones will *feel* easier as your energy increases!

My end goal is to help you feel better each step of your way to Unlimited Energy!

If there is any way I can help please let me know. And hey! I started collecting resources for you on my Pinterest. Check it out!

Love and Light,

For more information on My Adrenal Fatigue Journey check out my YouTube playlist here.