What to Do When Your Energy Drags

You know those days where you can’t seem to pick yourself up, it seems like you just can’t get through the day, and when you finally do, you’re exhausted?

You’re overwhelmed and feel like this feeling is never going to end unless you get a 6-12 month break from everything! But we know that’s probably not going to happen… These are typically signs that you are low on energy and you just need some catching up.

I have 5 simple tips for you to regain your energy so you can rock and conquer your day rather than dragging through it.

Simplify as much as possible in your life.

Whether it is simplifying your schedule or simplifying the things you choose to put your energy into on a daily basis. We tend to have a habit of filling our spare time with screen time. (Example: 5 extra minutes = Scrolling through Facebook) What if we spent those few extra minutes taking a few deep breaths, moving our bodies, or doing something that creates centered focus and alignment? Believe it or not this will actually contribute to feeling more energized!

Lack of sleep, restoration, and poor balance can leave us feeling unmotivated and unenergized. To catch up on sleep try getting to bed early, sleep in or schedule a nap or quiet time. These things are crucial because a lot of time we feel like we don’t need more sleep in in fact you’re just overtired and need more sleep!

Most of the time, when we are tired, we do what’s easy: go out to the restaurant, grab fast food or snack of food that has little nutritional value. If your not providing your body with the nutrition that it needs to perform at its peak then you’re not going to have enough energy to do things as simple as your daily tasks! Eat for success, eat lots of vitamin and enzyme rich fruits and veggies, cook whole meals and take time to meal prep! Meal prepping is so worth it. A lot of people tell me they don’t have time to meal prep… That means you should really be meal prepping! Meal prepping allows you to cook once for half a week’s worth of meals.

Once you’ve mastered getting enough sleep and having your meals planned make time to MOVE every day! It could be as simple as taking a 5 minute walk or a 5 Minute Workout. Motion creates energy, happiness, motivation and drive that will propel you through your day!

This is HUGE! And absolutely necessary when you’re working hard and playing hard. Here are some of my favorite ways to relax and restore:

  • Reflection

  • Mediation

  • Yoga

  • Getting outside

  • Being active

Whatever you do take time to relax without anything to do!

If you have a favorite way to inspire energy let the community know by leaving a comment below!

May you be energized,