Everyone strives for optimal living but it seems that only few really achieve it. I love that we are in a space where we are always trying to improve, to thrive instead of just survive. But what does it take to really live optimally?

“Optimal living requires sustaining an optimal foundation.”

Realize I say the word sustaining not achieving. Many of us achieve an optimal foundation but the hard part is sustaining that optimal balance that supports the optimal life that you are wanting to live.

When I first started my journey of personal development I always felt like no matter how hard I worked no matter how hard I tried I kept having to do more sh*t! I was questioning if it was ever going to get easier!? Am I ever going to feel comfortable with this process and fully arrive?

The truth is… No! It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger. When you get stronger and smarter, and more clear, and honest with yourself you want to take in more, its a natural thing to want to experience life and level up your reality. But every time you level up your reality you have to recalibrate the foundation to support that reality.

So what areas of our live need to be recalibrated and continuously kept in check ignorer to sustain an optimal life?

Area #1 HEALTH

You can focus and sustain multiple areas in your life but if you neglect your health it almost makes it impossible to live optimally! When your body, hormones, and energy levels are off balance it can be really difficult to meet life fully. I understand we all come from different backgrounds, advantages, and disadvantages, regardless of what those are, it is our job to decide to work with those.


“It's not about the cards you're dealt, but how you play the hand.”

― Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

Area #2 MINSET

I truly believe that if you put your mind to it you can do and conquer anything! Your mind is so powerful and we have to be careful of how we choose to use it. The mind can think things that don’t add value, hold you down, that tell you “I can never live fully.” “I can never achieve that state!” It is the mind that reinforces, subconsciously, the habitual patterns, thoughts, and beliefs that keep you from sustaining an optimal foundation.

Area #3 SPIRIT

This is who you truly are, what makes you feel alive, it’s what connects you back to the source! Its that place of peace, confidence, knowing and love. Spirit is just as important as Mind and Body. Because if you don’t live from your heart, from your soul… if you’re not doing what feeds your soul, even if you achieve everything else, externally, it’s not going to feel right, it’s not going to feel optimal. So you need to be able to identify what your purpose, your passion, how you fulfill your greatest self, how to feel good, living in the soul you live in, and that is a beautiful thing! You get to self create and self discover!


When your environment doesn’t cater to a healthy, fertile soil, which allows you to grow strong roots and a strong foundation, then you become those plants that get washed away in the rain. You become the trees that break in the storm. This lack of resilience will stunt your ability to live freely and fully. So if you want to live optimally you need to create an environment that will help support your drive, your habits, and the things that you need to sustain this foundation.


Your time, energy, money, opportunity, relationships, people and things around you all contribute to either increasing or decreasing the elevation of your life experience. Realize, if you’re on this journey to become a better you and to live an optimal experience, it isn’t about doing one thing in exchange for another. It’s literally, something that you have to hone in on and focus on, grow, cultivate, and maintain in all areas of your life. Just like a garden, you need to invest your resources in order to make it grow; time, energy, sunlight, nutrients, soil, and repetitive cultivation. You’ll notice the more time and energy you put into your garden the more you’ll get out of it, the same goes for life.

“Show me a person who lives truly free and happy and i’ll show you a person who has taken responsibility and truth over blame and lack of action.”

Be good, be great, and most of all be grateful. Cheers to optimal living!