Time Wasters (4).png

Everything we do and everything we have takes up our time and energy…

If you’re running low on either of these, read on to learn some simple steps you can take to create More Time and energy:

  1. K.I.S.S.: Keep It Super Simple! From clothing to meal prep, keeping everyday decisions simple allows you to maximize the time you have to do what you truly love.

  2. DON’T DELAY: Everyone has a list of things they need to accomplish by the hour, day, week, etc. Procrastinating only cuts into your free time in the end – so go ahead and tackle the necessities now!

  3. DECISION COMMITMENT: Analysis Paralysis is real. It’s certainly worthwhile to do some research before making a big decision, but too much research leads to time and energy drain. So, commit to a choice; if it doesn’t work out, recalibrate and learn from it.

  4. CUT PHONE & SCREEN TIME: Phones and screens become major time sponges. Avoid idle browsing and allocate your personal interaction time for in-person connection (if your loved ones are far away, commit to a time for quality calls or facetime).

  5. STAY CONSCIOUS: You change. You evolve. As you do, so do your needs. Items or habits that were once of great value become obsolete – so remember to take inventory! Consistently weighing the value of what’s in your life helps you cut out what’s no longer worth your time.

I’ve been collecting inspiration and guides for you – start cultivating simple habits to ration your time wisely and gain time to accomplish what you NEED as well as what you WANT.

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