Conquer Your Busy Schedule Like a Boss

Do you ever feel like you’re just so busy all you’re doing is just trying to keep up. Remember, in these moments its important to feel like you are in control over your life and energy! This feeling will allow you to conquer no matter what life throws your way! I promise you even though you are busy you can still conquer, and here are my steps to doing so.

  1. Have a Routine!
    It helps to have a routine both morning and night. Having a routine in the morning helps to start the day off right and a routine at night allows a proper closing of a chapter. This helps with creating consistency, stability and reduces decision fatigue allowing you to put more energy towards productivity which will set you up for success.

  2. Prep As Much As Possible
    Prepping is a HUGE time saver, it insures that I don’t have to spend as much time making decisions and coming up with solutions.

    Some of my favorite things to prep are:
    - Clothing
    My wardrobe is pretty minimal to this tends to be easy.
    - Meals
    I do this typically every 3 days. Doing this makes such a massive difference when I’m having a busy day!
    - Activities for the kids.
    Since our girls are homeschooled they typically tag along for work projects and daily errands so its so helpful to make sure that their tasks and activities for the day are planned out and written down.
    - Bags
    Whether I am going out alone, headed out with the kids, or going to the grocery store, I’ve got an individualized bag setup for that!

  3. Mind My Flow
    What this means is that I’m mindful of my schedule. For instance, if I know we are going to be out and about in the morning, perhaps playing pickle ball with the family for a few hours I probably won’t schedule that bike ride with my friend later that evening. It’s really just about find an energetic balance to the day and being mindful to not overload myself with tasks that require a ton of energy.

  4. Creating Space to Breathe
    This is great to implement and make space for breathing and mentally resetting in between daily tasks or appointments. Presence helps to create a feeling of freshness allowing you to reset, refocus, and redirected your energy.

  5. Make sure You’re Getting enough sleep!
    This area is so over looked! It’s so important to for us to recharge our batteries! I cannot stress this enough. Know when to work hard, but also know when to rest easy.

In conclusion when it comes down to it, just do your best! Do your best not to overload yourself and your schedule. But, if you’re like me, it’s much easier said than done and thats why I’m sharing these steps with you because overlooking the process it is bound to happen at some point.

When you’re busy, taking time to plan, eat right, anticipate the busy-ness, breathe, and make sure you catch some ZZZ’s will lay the foundation for your ability to conquer!

Until next time,
Keep Elevating Life! :)