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Get to know me and how the last ten years has shaped and inspired my purpose and mission.

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When I was young I used to cope with the child abuse I suffered by dreaming of a life with white sandy beaches, surrounded by people I loved, and the ability to live happy and free.

I spent most of my days feeling trapped because we struggled with money and never felt like we had enough to get away or be happy. Phrases I often heard my mom say were, "We can't afford it" or "Maybe Someday..."

I made a promise to myself that when someday came around I would never allow myself to feel trapped again. I would live the life I always dreamed of and give my kids the childhood I never had.

But little did I know...

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I went the traditional route, finding ways to trade time for money and spending every dollar I earned collecting material wealth... things that I thought would make me happy. I learned how to do business, I learned how to sell, and I learned how to make even more money.

I experienced a short interim during the time my husband and I took a break from working to start a family of our own. We spent a few years simplifying and living an everyday vacation life. We didn't have a lot, but each moment was filled with meaning, it was absolute bliss.

By the time we started business again, I went back to the cycle I was familiar with. I spent all my energy hustling to make money and my free time feeling stressed about how to get to the next level.


And on top of my diagnosis I would find myself in over $80,000 in business debt. Experiencing such extreme exhaustion in the face of failure left me feeling defeated. I questioned if this was how I was meant to spend the rest of my life; cycling through phases of grinding and crashing, only to have zero time, energy, and resources left to create and enjoy. I was reminded of my childhood, trapped at a dead end, and I was failing to keep the promise I had made.

But I refused to let this be the end. Soon enough I found the answer was actually pretty simple…

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I realized the only reason life was so overwhelming was because I had come to believe that more is better when in fact Less is More.

I started weeding out the unnecessary things in my life, the things that took time and energy but contributed very little value to my experience or goals.

I began with my home and my possessions, then moved onto more prevalent things like financial habits and health. Then I took it a step further and started simplifying my habits, commitments, thoughts and belief patterns...


I quickly gained everything back and more. I have the best health I've had in over 12 years, my business grew and reached all time heights, and best of all... I have an abundance of energy and resources to create and pursue my passions, time to enjoy my family and our community, all the while living my dream of an everyday vacation.

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