How do I Begin a Yoga Practice?

One of the best ways to start a yoga practice is to attend a yoga class either online or local in your community. The practice of yoga poses (asana) is tailored to incorporate proper breathing and sequenced poses that allow you the safest and most beneficial movement. After a few classes you may feel comfortable enough to begin a practice at home. It's always recommended to attend classes or courses periodically to ensure you deepen your practice and continue to do so safely.


What if I'm not flexible?

It's a common misconception that all yogis begin flexible. For a lot of us, it's quite the opposite. I came to yoga because of severe injuries from a car accident complied with years of sprinting and weight lifting. I was young and hurting. Yoga was the only thing that addressed my discomfort and allowed me to begin a process of recovery instead of just coping strategies. There are many different types of yoga practice that cater to all types of individuals; beginner to advanced, young to old, flexible to inflexible. The most important thing is to find a well educated coach or studio and simply begin!


I tried yoga and I didn't like the experience...

This is quite a common statement I frequently hear and I totally get it! There are a few reasons your first experience may not have been a positive one: Not liking the flow or culture of the class, didn't like the way it feels to stretch, or both. Usually I would say, to each their own, however the benefits of yoga are simply too good to ignore. If you've only tried yoga a few times or less, I would highly encourage trying different types of classes starting from the most basic/beginner as well as different teachers. The culture varies depending on location and crowd. If you're struggling with the way yoga feels you may be pushing your body too hard or expecting to look like the bendy girl in the front of the classroom. You're body is telling you this isn't right! If that's the case, go easy on yourself and speak with your teacher about how you feel . A good yoga instructor should always respect where your body is at and have awareness of how to ease into your practice safely.