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Decluttering Checklist

Are you new to minimalism or decluttering but are overwhelmed over where to start? Or maybe you're not new at all, but feel like there's still too much clutter... I’ve created an essentials list, this is my personal checklist of items I need to functional optimally. I hope it provides you with a solid place to start and help simplify your process of clearing your spaces.

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Travel Checklist

Packing for a trip can be tough! Where do you start and how much is too much? And how do you pack just enough to truly enjoy your time with freedom and flexibility? This is my suitcase checklist when I'm packing for a family of four, but it can apply to any person or family size, as well as any length of trip. Hopefully it helps you with your packing!


Illistrated E-BOOKS

Click below for free copies of our illustrated e-books Min-Animal-ism and Going Green. Written & Illustrated by my husband, Brett Gordon.