Day 5


Our sense of smell is profound. It has the ability to help us recall past experiences and emotions. Often, things that we enjoy the smell of are anchored to positive memories. Allowing ourselves to slow down and really take in a smell with slow deep breathing and observation of sensation and emotion can help us anchor new, uplifting, positive experiences.


What is your favorite smell? Is it an essential oil, fresh ground coffee, or fresh fruit? I want you to take the time to really smell this smell. Bring it to your nose and inhale and exhale fully for a few rounds. Observe the experience this creates for you. What does your body feel when it focuses on such an enjoyable scent? Can you begin to anchor your enjoyment and presence to this scent? Perhaps the next time you need a moment you can revisit the scent of your choosing and come back to feelings of enjoyment and presence. Use your workbook to write about your scent and your experience.

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