Day 4


When I need to recharge and restore but still want to feel productive, reading is my go-to! Taking quiet time away to read poems, inspirational stories or simply something that makes you feel good is a great way to regenerate and pour feel-good perspectives into the mind! The Idea is not to rush through this time of reading but really allowing yourself to be present and letting the information sink in and nourish your mind and body.


Grab your favorite, feel-good book and allow yourself to get very comfortable. Be sure to turn off anything that may cause distractions such as the TV or your phone notification. Set your timer for 5 minutes and see if you can let yourself get lost in reading, really let yourself be present. Afterwards, allow what you read to sink in, then refer to your workbook and write about your experience. * Make sure you’re reading something in print or on paper-white Kindle. Try to avoid screens or blue light during this exercise.

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