Day 1


Today is all about breathing. Breathing helps to regulate our brainwaves and it has a direct effect on our autonomic nervous system, this means that taking time to breath can induce different states of mind. Deep breathing with slow and controlled exhalations gives your body permission to relax. Teaching your body to breathe deeply and regularly not only improves your physical health, it helps to cultivate more focus, clarity and energy.


Schedule at least 5 times throughout the day to focus on slow and deep inhales followed by slow controlled, exhales. Do this for at least one minute each time and see how your mind and body respond. Take a moment to write those times down in your workbook and schedule reminders on your phone to help notify you to -pause- and breathe. Revisit this breath anytime you need to find calm, centeredness and energy today.

Download your workbook and calendar here:

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