My younger self found empowerment as a competitive athlete and awarded student. I was seen as a high achiever, destined to move mountains, but after ditching college to start my own company my over-eagerness would get the best of me.

Taking advice from a “professional trainer” I would take an unhealthy amount of steroids and caffeine in order to get “fast results”. After experiencing a scary episode of arrhythmia my internal health was shattered and my ability to feel like my normal self was gone.

A year later I found myself experiencing, for the first time, enormous amounts of anxiety and overwhelm. I hated exercising and was gaining weight rapidly. I thought this was rock bottom for me, but that wasn’t even close.

Life felt like utter chaos.

I began seeking answers, becoming a holistic health and fitness coach in the process. I didn’t realize all this ambition was stopping my ability to heal. I wasn’t even aware that I needed to.

For the next ten years I would force myself to push harder both physically and mentally. During this time I got married, built three companies, and raised a family. Life seemed to be ideal on the outside but my experience inside couldn’t be more opposite. I felt exhausted and without purpose as I went through the motions day after day hoping to make it to bed each night.

For the first time, I understood the experience of extreme fear, anxiety and doubt.

Although I kept looking for options; from therapy to personal development, extreme diet changes, and endless goal-setting, nothing seemed to help... Until I discovered I was lacking the resources I needed to completely heal and regenerate my energy.

The answer was actually pretty simple: Slow Down

Eventually, I discovered the balance of a healthy, thriving, resilient body. It only took one year to get back to where I started and now I workout daily, sometimes twice a day, while tackling business and family life without hesitation.

Since then I’ve been able to double my income, 10X my productivity, and can truly say I’m having so much fun!

Through this entire journey something even more powerful occurred to me:

If more leaders could double their energy… they would 10X the value and impact they already make.

It is here that I have found my passion and purpose in helping leaders, like you, have the most energy so they can maximize their passion, purpose, potential, and profit.


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I love helping high level individuals create a solid foundation to elevate their lives and success so they can fulfill their purpose in contributing more to the world.


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