Hi, my name is MJ

I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life guiding others to cultivate a foundation of centeredness, through the fundamentals of holistic health, yoga, and meditation, so they can elevate their lives and achieve more. By focusing on nurturing an environment that supports centeredness and alignment we are able to rekindle our energies and truly optimize our time, ultimately creating the best version of our Self as we journey through our most fulfilling life.

But my story didn’t start that way…

As an immigrant I grew up feeling like an alien and an outcast, having difficulty relating to my peers. I was tall for my age and awkward.

Additionally, I lived in a quiet fear over the toxic, verbally, physically and sexually abusive situation I endured at home.

Eventually, I found empowerment in sports and dance. I quickly learned that the best way to de-stress was to move my body. It was also a great excuse to be away from home.

Fast forward to the time I left home at the age of 12 because I was finally overwhelmed by everything at home... I never felt more free in my life, until the PTSD triggers hit.

I had quit college, along with competitive sports, heading into the business world, and suddenly like an avalanche, deep anger, resentment, and fear overcame me. I tried to bury them as fast as I could by hustling harder and more aggressively towards my business goals.

I was seen as a high achiever, a young spark that was destined to move big mountains, but a year later my impatience and ignorance would get the best of me. Taking advice from a “professional trainer” I would take an unhealthy amount of steroids, fat burners, and caffeine while depleting massive amounts of calories and sleep from my lifestyle in order to get “faster results” and in a short period of time, this lead to a near heart attack experience that left my internal health in pieces, eventually shattering my ability to function at any level of average.

Another year later I found myself in unbelievable pain during menstrual cycles, experiencing enormous amounts of anxiety and depression (something I had never experienced before), I would hate moving my body, and gain thirty extra pounds to my tiny frame. I thought this was rock bottom for me, but that wasn’t even close.


Life felt like utter chaos.

I began seeking for solutions, acquiring two national fitness certifications, embracing a holistic philosophy, and discovering relief in yoga. This was the foundation of my career, but I didn’t realize all this ambition was severely limiting my ability to heal. I wasn’t even aware that I needed to.

For the next ten years I would force myself to push harder both physically and mentally. In between I had gotten married, built three companies, birthed and raised two children.

Although life seemed to be ideal on the outside, my experience on the inside couldn’t be more opposite.

I felt exhausted, unmotivated, and unfulfilled going through the motions day after day with little purpose other than to make it to bed each night. The more I tried the harder life became, the more depressed and hopeless I was, and the triggers grew worse.

I began to lose faith in myself and for the first time understood the experience of deep insecurity, doubt, and worthlessness.

“Stop being lazy. I suck. Something must be wrong with me. Maybe I AM broken… Maybe I should just give up.” The negative self talk became daily monsters that I would either have to fight with or side with. Eventually siding with them seemed to be the only option.

Although I sought various solutions from therapy to counseling, mindset training to extreme dietary disciplines - nothing seemed to work, until one day an idea struck me. Well really it was Tony Robbins’s idea, but he said, “Success is made up of 80% mindset and 20% mechanics.” The realization was that I was primarily focusing on my mindset, because I was trying to address past trauma and pain. But what if the mechanics (my physical functions) were off?

What if I hadn’t given my mind and body the resources it needed to really solve the problems I was experiencing both internally and externally?

I started to pour my energies into research, health tests, and seeking advice from a variety of experts, and it was at this point that I began to see clearly where my mind-over-matter approach was both helping and harming. Like a double edged sword my stubborn insisting of a healthy lifestyle incidentally contributed to a foundation of healing. All the while my high-driving expectations and massive to-do list negated the majority of it.

I was only missing one crucial key to turn this ship around: balance

Comically (hindsight), the story in my head was that I was weak, fragile, and a failure. However, based on the critical condition my hormones, liver, gut, and adrenals were in my mindset actually carried me through the struggle beyond what most are capable of at that level of fatigue.

It’s funny how the story changes when things are put into a broader perspective.

I was doing the hard things, and all the right things, feeling like a solution was impossible to find. I often wondered if an energetic life of fulfillment and creative joy would be a reality for me or if I was simply not cut out for the vision in my head.

Throughout my journey I was always drawn, rather, called to create a personal space for alignment and harmony with the present, feeling into and honoring my body as the greatest indicator and communicator of my needs at any given moment. Eventually, through the fundamentals of yoga and meditation, I discovered the mechanics of supporting a thriving body which in turn nurtures the dynamics of a balanced and proficient psyche.

Reinforcing these elements have allowed me to become and experience more than I ever thought possible… igniting an energy and flame that continues to elevate and conquer with a joyful and creative constitution of ease and grace.

It only took one year to rebuild the ability to move and exercise in an uninhibited and enjoyable way. When triggers come up they no longer “hit hard” or tumble into desperate, hopeless states as they’ve done over those ten years. The ability to clearly address my thoughts and have resilience in challenging situations seems almost magical. I am able to accomplish more than I ever have before, finding daily balance for quality time with my Self and my loved ones, as well as developing the most productive and fulfilling business system I have ever created.


People started to notice a difference. And then people started asking.

My community around me started seeing more of me. They noticed I was in constant, exhilarating motion and vigorous creativity.
So they started asking;

How do you build business like you do?
How do you cure chronic fatigue?
How do have the time and energy for it all?
How do you deal with chaos, overwhelm, and dissatisfaction?
How do you get so much done in a day?
How do you avoid burning out?
How can I have the energy to actually enjoy the things I create?

Naturally the role of coaching fell into my lap, not because I thought I was destined to it, but because my tribulations led me to a humbling place of empathetic understanding for what others are going through, and because I was called to help acknowledge and share a solution to the ever-growing paralysis and symptoms in our culture of “hustle”, “do more”, and “be more”.

It is here that I have found my passion and purpose in helping others elevate their lives and their true Self so they can authentically do and be more of what fulfills them.


Work with Me

I love helping high level individuals create a solid foundation to elevate their lives and success so they can fulfill their purpose in contributing more to the world.


Events & Workshops

Hire me for speaking events, yoga and meditation workshops where I guide your audience through an experience of peaceful Self discovery.

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