Hi, my name is MJ

I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life guiding others to cultivate a foundation of energy to support their successes. Through a combination of holistic strategy, mindset, and coaching, my goal is to help others grow more energy so they can achieve more. They say whoever has the most experience wins… I say whoever has the most energy wins, both in business and in life. This fundamental balance has been the only way I’ve been able to heal chronic adrenal fatigue in my own body while raising a family and building a successful online business.

But my story didn’t start that way…

Despite a rough childhood, my younger self found empowerment as a competitive athlete and awarded student, which eventually led to a deep interest in business. I was seen as a high achiever, a young spark that was destined to move big mountains, but just a year after ditching college to start my own company my over-eager tendencies and ignorance would get the best of me.

Taking advice from a “professional trainer” I would take an unhealthy amount of steroids and supplements in order to get “fast results”. This lead to a near heart attack experience that left my internal health in pieces, eventually shattering my ability to feel like I was functioning like I used to.


Another year later I found myself experiencing enormous amounts of anxiety and depression (something I had never experienced before), I would hate moving my body, and gain thirty extra pounds to my tiny frame. I thought this was rock bottom for me, but that wasn’t even close.

Life felt like utter chaos.

I began seeking for solutions, acquiring two national fitness certifications, embracing a holistic philosophy, and discovering relief in yoga. I didn’t realize all this ambition was severely limiting my ability to heal. I wasn’t even aware that I needed to.

For the next ten years I would force myself to push harder both physically and mentally, while coaching clients. In between getting married, building three other companies, and raising a family.

Although life seemed to be ideal on the outside, my experience on the inside couldn’t be more opposite.

I felt exhausted, unmotivated, and unfulfilled going through the motions day after day with little purpose other than to check off my to-do list and make it to bed each night.

I began to lose faith in my ambitions and where my life was going… was this it? For the first time understood the experience of extreme exhaustion, doubt, and fear of failure.

Although I sought various solutions from therapy to counseling, mindset training to extreme dietary disciplines - nothing seemed to improve my situation, until one day I was reminded of the 80/20 rule. Tony Robbins said, “Success is made up of 80% mindset and 20% mechanics.” I realized I was primarily focusing on my mindset, but what if the mechanics (balance) of my body was wrong?

What if I hadn’t given my mind and body the resources it needed to really solve the problems I was experiencing both internally and externally?

I started to pour my energies into research, health tests, and advice from a variety of experts, and it was at this point that I began to see clearly how my high achieving personally was both my greatest strength and Achilles heel.

The answer was actually pretty simple: Restore Energy

It’s funny how the story changes when things are put into a broader perspective.

Eventually, I discovered the balance of supporting a thriving body that automatically generates energy for resilience, action, and healing. It only took one year to rebuild ease and energy in my body. I now workout daily, sometimes twice a day, while tackling business and family life with excitement and joy.

Since then I’ve been able to double my income, 10X my productivity, and can truly say I enjoy each part of every day.

I wake up with eagerness as I spring into action, and even after long, challenging work days I have the desire to play with my kids or a competitive game of volleyball for hours into the evening. My creativity, sense of purpose, and resilience over stressful situations feel almost endless… my days are full and most importantly full of energy, joy, and fulfillment in all that I do. After experiencing these amazing changes firsthand, I thought to myself: Wow…

If more leaders could double their energy… they would 10X the value and impact they already make.

It is here that I have found my passion and purpose in helping leaders have the most energy so they can maximize their passion, purpose, potential, and profit.


Work with Me

I love helping high level individuals create a solid foundation to elevate their lives and success so they can fulfill their purpose in contributing more to the world.


Events & Workshops

Hire me for speaking events, yoga and meditation workshops where I guide your audience through an experience of awakening Self discovery.

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