I just wanted to give you guys a little something extra as a thank you for joining the 5 Minute MO▽E Challenge 😊and because rest and restoration is a critical step to continuing on your journey of growing energy and health.

Some important factors you really want to be sure of after every MO▽E Session, even if it's only 5 Minutes, are:

  1. Hydration - Replenishing our bodies with plenty of fluids is important because we're 80% water! And that water is what replenishes our cells and allows us to detoxify and cleanse our bodies.

  2. Energy & Nutrition - Food is where we get our resources for energy and nutrition. So be sure to feed yourself right and feed yourself often. I am opposed to any approach that requires calorie depravation, because we NEED it and depriving our body of its needs will only work against us - bringing the metabolism to a halt and the hormones out of balance. Rather, feed yourself with the right nutrition and your body will use all the resources instead of storing it as fat.

  3. Sleep - We live in a society that undervalues sleep to an extreme. Sleep is so essential to balance. You can do everything right, but if you're not getting enough sleep you're not going to notice much of a difference. Your body need complete rest to be in a restorative state.

  4. Rest & Relaxation - We also need to learn to relax! We tend to pack our schedules on the daily with only enough resource to get through "past empty" and we go to bed late and wake up the next morning expecting to do it all over again - for years - and hoping we still feel good afterward. A key component to keeping the body, not just surviving, but thriving is knowing how to move through challenge and stress in a healthy manner. So take 5 deep breaths regularly throughout the day and set aside time for total relaxation.

  5. Rehabilitate - Keep your body aligned! And take the time to add some fit flows into your weekly routine as well as some self massage and myofascial release. It's a simple, feel-good habit you can incorporate in the evenings when you're winding down, or right before or after your MO▽E Session!

I want to Thank You again for starting this amazing journey with me, I hope to continue it together within the Unlimited Energy Program (which includes the MO▽E Program). Be sure to take advantage of the Exclusive Offer + Early Access I've setup for you just today! (Use Code: ENERGY4LIFEExpires Soon!

I'm passionate about doing whatever I can to help bring health and happiness to every individual I meet.

And this is just the beginning...

Thank YOU so much for being a part of this with me.