I believe that that we are able to achieve our greatest purpose and identity when we have the energetic resources and time to create a balanced flow that supports our vision and creation. Elevating my life through movement and simplifying principles has been that catalyst for optimized time, energy, and results in my personal and professional life. I’m stoked to share my systems and strategies to help other leaders level up their outcome, affluence, and importance.


Monthly group coaching with MJ identifies the root of stagnation, generating clarity and upgrading your time and energy so you can get a clear plan of focus for the next level of success with community support.

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One-on-One coaching with MJ, identifying and breaking down your barriers with a total evaluation, assessment, scheduled coaching sessions and a clear path of optimization for the mind, body, and focus.

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Join our group of highly dedicated leaders who are committed to fulfilling their highest vision! Our mastermind group works on maximizing your strategy to maximize your energy, time, and results.