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I’ve always been an over achiever with a lot planned for my life. But I never would have planned to spend 10 years fighting with extreme exhaustion and overwhelm to continue to be who I knew myself to be; an energetic business and family woman who enjoys living a creative, active life.

Little did I know my greatest strength developed a weakness and in discovering balance I was able to 10X my energy, business and life. They often say the person who experiences most wins, I say the person with the most energy wins. We all have the same amount of time everyday… but I wanted to be the person who truly has the energy to maximize my time, both in business and in life!

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5 Minute MO▽E Challenge


Optimal Energy is key to conquering your business and life, without it, the quest would be difficult. If you’re looking to generate more energy now - take my 5 Minute MO▽E Challenge!

20 Minutes Face Time with Me


Interested in a personal assessment of your energy potential? Apply for a free 20 minute coaching session with MJ to discover the next steps you can take to elevate your productivity and success.

Elevate Journal


We can create or waste energy with our thoughts alone. Thoughts that inspire creativity, gratitude, and abundance is a great way to tap into more energy at the start of everyday. Download a page out of MJ’s journal and give it a try!


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