What is Minimalism and why would anyone use it?

Minimalism is the philosophy of questioning all the things in your life, both material and non-material, and keeping the things that add value and removing or replacing the things that do not. The formula of minimalism begins one step at a time, weeding from the roots of each individual item and decision that is made, so that the entirety of the "big picture" of your life becomes a value-dense, meaningfully rich experience. 


What if I own more than 100 items?

While some practice minimalism as a form of measurement, the philosophy we teach here is about applying minimalism as a tool or philosophy that is customized to your personal journey. At some point, each person who considers themselves to be a minimalist has had to have begun somewhere. So whether you own 100 items or 10,000 if your goal is to live a more intentional and purposeful life that generates more peace and fulfillment, minimalism can add value to you.


How would I get started?

Just begin somewhere. I like to suggest decluttering your home because it's the most quantifiable and rewarding task. You can check out plenty of sources online including my "Simplify" Playlist and Subscribing to my Newsletter for the next steps on your minimalism journey.