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Fine Tune Workshop

Friday, Feb. 8th 6pm-9pm

We are meant to feel powerful and at ease when moving in our bodies. Whether it’s in our day-to-day activities or fitness routine creating easy habits that restore your body's energies can level up your ability to recover and perform at the highest level. Join MJ as she discusses how to reset and restore this balance, creating an environment for optimization so you can maximize your energetic potential.

* Donation only. Contact to Register - Phone: (813)-501-4987 • Email:

Photography by MJ

Calling all local coaches!
Book your slot the weekend of March 30th-31st

Complete your portfolio and marketing with professional headshots and yoga or fitness photos during MJ's exclusive Flash Photoshoot offer for local Florida health coaches! Spaces are limited.

$45 per Booking - 1 Headshot + 2 Yoga Photos.
Contact to Schedule - Phone: (813)-501-4987 • Email: