I can't believe it... the last day is here and I feel so grateful and inspired from this journey with you.


Energy & Vitality for LIFE - My goal at the beginning of this challenge was to kick start your habits and perspective on generating momentum for life - so you can have the energy and motivation to create a life worth living and enjoy being in your body while doing it. What's the point in creating the most beautiful life externally if internally we feel sluggish and trapped by our health or energy levels? If we can't truly enjoy life to the fullest are we really living?

Having energy and vitality for life starts with only 5 minutes a day, but we must continue onward in taking that new inspiration and energy and using it to convert into more. Regardless of how many hours I've spent running on a track and lifting in the gym in my past, the only way to affect my future is by what I decide to do in the present.

I am so passionate about this MO▽Ement because I've seen and experienced firsthand so many with the potential to live and give more, but unconsciously trapped in a stagnant internal environment which inevitably manifests into their external experience. It's tough to feel like you're in a place where your max capacity just isn't enough, and I'm here to tell you, it doesn't have to be! There is a way to improve your current energetic state and even at a high level, there's always room for creating more!

How to Continue - You can take this simple concept we've framed here and begin to MO▽E 5 minutes a day, everyday. You'll begin to notice some changes; you stand taller, sleep deeper, laugh harder, and there's a little bounce in your step. When your body is happy it's hard for you not to be. 

If you're looking to continue this journey together with me, I'm honored! Stay tuned for more resources I've put together just for you and info on how to incorporate this deeper into your life.

I see and honor the light in each of you. And I love seeing you shine bright! 🤩💕
Thank you for being a part of this journey and sharing yours with me.

With sincere love and gratitude,

Deadman Flop

I just had to pick this MO▽Ement because of the irony of it's name. Of course I hope you're not flopping dead at this point 😂 but this movement is enjoyable and unique, bringing functionality into the lead role. We've worked our whole body and we've stimulated our cardio, how about some functional mobility? The deadman flop is the surest way to practice total core strength and maintain or improve your ability to get off the ground effectively. I can write a book about why this skill is so practical to keep for a lifetime and today, I'm determined your body will always remember its ability to MO▽E like this.


  • Take a photo or video of your 5 Minute MO▽E Session

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