The Importance of Vigor - Finding the edge as we discussed in Day 1 is all about increasing your physical threshold and improving your resilience. As we improve, vigor is an element we can begin to focus on in our MO▽Ements in order to stimulate that edge, but vigor also elevates the heart rate, increases circulation, and works the cardiovascular system which is a huge reset to hormone regulation - a MAJOR bonus! Hormonal imbalance is one of top the major causes of low energy, depression, inflammation, and overall dis-ease of the body. The best way to regulate is to MO▽E regularly, and eventually MO▽E with vigor.

Keep in mind, over-exercising can cause a hormonal imbalance if your system is not ready for it or if there is not substantial follow-up care to your routine. Which is why it is important to warm up and cool down. Have you been prioritizing these everyday this week? If not, please do, because it is essential to complete the formula for massive energy and pique health!

All the concepts I share during this challenge are the brush strokes that create the complete picture. You don't have to do any one perfectly or prioritize one over another, you just have to put it down on the canvas. And if you continue to focus on the improvement of each stroke, eventually you paint a beautiful picture of health, vitality, tons of energy, and motivation to create and enjoy living a life worth living!

That is the ultimate goal. So give your self a pat on the back, the fact you're here means you've already begun a journey of 1,000 steps. Every step counts. I'm so proud of you. 😊


Cardio Super Set

When your whole body is sore and your muscles are over-worked, as they should be after the last 3 days... we never have to go sedentary. We can focus on other aspects of MO▽Ement that can fill in the gaps to our goal. Speaking of brush strokes, every plan I create has a purpose of painting a total picture or end result... today we're focusing on cardio endurance and we're moving in ways that stimulate the same muscles we've worked so we generate blood flow, delivering nutrients to our healing muscles, and circulation to improve recovery. These MO▽Ements should also produce a slight burn in some of the already-worked areas and that's a good thing! This burn spikes the growth hormone production in our bodies which is a hormone that stimulates cell growth, reproduction, and regeneration. It's a shot from the fountain of youth flooding your system! Let's do this!



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