Whole Body Balance - A common misconception when it comes to fitness is that we should only look to strengthen our weakest parts or the opposite, focus on improving our strengths. When it comes to health the whole body is connected. So in neglecting any part, you are essentially holding yourself back from the best version of you possible and achieving total fitness. This doesn't just apply to muscle groups or training regimen. This applies to your health as a whole. Maybe you're super flexible and can get into any yoga backbend or split position, but you can't run a mile without stopping. Or maybe you can lift the most out of anyone at your local gym, but you can't squat 100 times weightless. Whether it's muscle groups, cardio, flexibility, strength, power, stamina, longevity, mental, emotional, or hormonal... everything related to your health and total wellbeing counts. And they need to be in balance.



Today's 5 minute MO▽Ement is the burpee - DON'T FEAR! - I'm going to show you how to get into this exercise no matter what fitness level you're at. The burpee is one of the most known and most loved fitness exercises because of it's efficiency in moving the whole body in a balanced motion while targeting cardio, strength, and power combined.  Even if you're not doing burpees for 5 minutes in one go, there's a reason #BurpeesEverywhere went viral. Popping down into one or two burpees throughout the day is super effective in generating energy, health, and momentum!



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