The 5 Minute Workout Concept - It all starts with 5 minutes a day. Our bodies were meant to move and to move regularly. Our current society today is plagued with low energy and ever increasing disease because the evolution of technology has made it easier and easier for us to become more sedentary! We also have less time moving because we spend more time doing other important things. So rather than the notion of having to set aside 7+ hours a week, plus travel time, and gym or trainer fees... we can begin working with the simple mechanics of how the body likes to move: regularly and consistently. Thus the 5 Minute Workout Concept was born, in an effort to keep the body moving we would find something to do for just 5 minutes here and there. The results and effectiveness were astounding!

You can literally incorporate motion throughout the day. In this challenge we are purposefully setting aside time to "workout" with moderate to high intensity, however, you don't have to approach it this way all the time. Rather, we encourage motion as you go about your regular tasks. Some of my favorite tasks are unloading the groceries, mopping the floors, power walking, and working behind my standing desk.

What are some of yours? Share it with me in a community post! 😊


Center & Side Plank Thrusters

Today's 5 Minute MO▽E Challenge will be Center & Side Plank Thrusters working our entire core! A lot of times when we think of core, we think of "abs". But the core is really your entire center. The strength effectively around your spinal column - the center of your body - all of which your limbs, your neural system, skeletal system, and energetic systems stem from and attach to. Core strength is our ability to distribute a load effectively and safely throughout the entire spinal column. When we focus on core, we want to focus on motions that strengthen the muscles around the spinal column and support aligned movement. Thrusters primarily work the abdominals, low back, and obliques but also rely heavily on the lats, shoulders, chest, upper back, traps, and hips. After 5 minutes of this, you'll understand the effectiveness of the motion as you feel it work your body!



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