Finding Your Edge - Knowing your edge is not only an invaluable awareness that serves you, it will help you avoid crashes and be more efficient in your MO▽E sessions. You'll know how much you can push and for how long, or when it's too much and no longer healthy. Understanding this dynamic with the expectation that it will always be different on a day to day basis creates a finely tuned mind-body awareness in which you will be able to translate what your body is trying to communicate, all the while pushing your potential to the edge!

Breath - Breathing is what creates circulation and oxygen flow. It is the body's delivery system that improves in efficiency the more it is used. Relying on the improvement of your breath not only makes you more efficient in motion, it comes with all the benefits of deep breathing: relaxation, internal massage, and spinal protection. 

Posture - Equally important as breath, we want to encourage alignment and perform each motion at your maximum potential with good posture. It means nothing to be able to perform more with a poor posture. It causes damage to your body, a higher risk for injury, and problems in the future. Please keep in mind the posture I talk about in this video anytime you're in motion and always modify if you start to break form.



Today's 5 Minute MO▽E Challenge will be focused on squats. Squats are one of the 7 basic body movements that need to be worked regularly to build a balanced body. The whole body works in a squat even though the primary muscles worked are the legs. Your legs are some of the biggest muscles in your body, so working in a squat is efficient to boosting metabolism, building muscle, and burning fat. Squatting regularly also helps improve posture and maintain flexibility while strengthening your body's ability to transfer a resistance or load throughout the entire core. These basic skills are lost when there is a lack of movement.

In order to achieve longevity our bodies must move!

This primary motion is one of the simplest and most effective ways to keep our bodies finely tuned. I would also encourage to work on the lower range of squats. Squatting down as low as you can with your heels maintaining contact with the ground. And holding that for 20-30 seconds at a time, daily, until you can squat to the ground fully. From there, move into lower range squats - extending only until your knees are at a 90 degree angle, then coming back to a full ground squat before repeating. The ability to squat in the lower range ideally should match the ease of squatting in the upper range for true balance!


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