Workout Revolution - Real Exercises for Real People

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Workout Revolution - Real Exercises for Real People


We believe that health, fitness & physique can be efficiently acquired & maintained. Through personally designed routines, individuals can accomplish physical well being without sacrificing excess time or funds. This manual & accompanying services aim to make that possible for anyone.

We are parents, athletes, Holistic fitness trainers, and most of all I am an Enjoyers of LIFE.  How we like to stay fit for that is something we would like everyone to have access to. 

This manual features: 

  • Basic fundamentals for success in fitness
  • Archive of 80+ bodyweight/ calisthenic exercises, complete with photos & set-by-step guides
  • 10 easy-to-use templates to create your own professional workouts
  • 3 months of Workouts (48 in all)
  • 60 Quickie Exercise Routines (for the busy folks)
  • BONUS 3 Custom Workouts (for Agility, Strength, & Gym Rats)

Our goal for you is to become functionally fit, surpassing your expectations.
This path is about feeling good, unhindered in your own body. All You need is your willingness to learn & self dedication.

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