The Importance of Cooling Down

"Yea! I did the 5 minute challenge… wait - what do you mean I NEED to cool down?”

Let’s take a moment to remember our truly caring friend Mr. Tin Man. If he sat straight down after a solid day of spreading love and cutting trees without oiling his joints, he’d be frozen stiff in no time, hoping desperately for a hapless Dorothy and brainless Scarecrow to come by and rescue him.  Well... the same goes for you after a good 5 minutes of intense motion.  Just think about it, your body is warm and loose, you wanna stay that way right?  Give those muscles you worked a good stretch while they are nice and spongey.  We intentionally beat them up and want to make sure they heal limber and in alignment, not short and tight in knots.  Stretch out, stay up and moving, even if it’s light, your muscles and joints will thank you and be better prepared to heal and restore!