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Have you tried to implement change but failed? Do you know there is personal work and development to be done but don’t know where to start? Do you have BIG goals and dreams that you want to accomplish but can’t seem to find the time or energy to do it? 

MJ Gordon is one of the most versatile energy, health and fitness coaches in the industry. She has a proven track record of creating balance and results in a wide variety of different industries and endeavors. An expert in health and fitness she has a 200 RYT and NCEP certification. Featured in national media such as Discovery Channel and FitBody Bootcamp MJ Specializes in helping high achieving individuals who are struggling with imbalance and overwhelm.

One-On-One coaching with MJ is about breaking down energy blocks with a total assessment of your current situation and a personalized plan to gain more energy and momentum towards your next big step. whether you’re a full-time business owner or new entrepreneur, energy management and productivity are the keys to maximum success.

With direct support and encouragement from MJ create a working relationship designed to help you shift your thinking and perspective, implement new ways of being, manage your energy and make better choices that will create momentum to accelerate you towards your biggest goals and wildest dreams.

Balance your life, find more energy, centeredness and fulfillment today!



  • 45 Minute Coaching calls with MJ

  • Customized Energy Blueprints

  • Lifetime access of all call recordings

  • VIP Access to my courses - Unlimited Energy & Freedom ($900 Value)

  • Reserved Seating in all of my virtual training events ($1,800 Value)

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