We all want more time and more freedom... but do we really want the path of the self-employed, entrepreneur, or investor? Though the perks are evidently appealing, it takes a specific drive and personality to journey this path with any success. Do you have what it takes to leave your 9-5 job and become your own boss? Take the quiz below to find out...

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Answer "Yes" or "No" in the questions below, count your "Yes" answers then submit to get your results!

1. Do you feel like life is redundant and boring?
2. Do you lack excitement and passion over your current job?
3. Do you wish you could make a living doing something you love?
4. Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?
5. Do you wish for more control over your time & money?
6. Do you desire for more purpose and fulfillment in your life?
7. Do you wish you could do something more for the greater good?
8. Are you looking for more self-confidence and awareness of yourself and your place in the world?
9. Do you wish you had the confidence to excel in any endeavor you strive to achieve?
10. Are you a person of curiosity and growth?
11. Are you motivated by self-help and reading books?
12. Do you feel like you were meant for something more?
13. Could you use a total lifestyle upgrade?
14. Do you like the idea of being surrounded by positive, growth oriented individuals?
15. Is enjoying your life and loving what you do more important than your ego or what others think of you?
16. Are you ok with being against the grain? Not fitting in with the crowd?
17. Are you willing to be (potentially) misunderstood by your friends and family?
18. Are you willing to sacrifice some comforts and endure some discomforts?
19. Are you a person who takes responsibility?
20. Are you willing to do the work?
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IMPORTANT!!! *** Count the number of “YES” boxes you’ve checked off and write down your score BEFORE submitting this quiz! ***