Maximizing Your Gratitude & Abundance

There was a time in my life when I was desperate for something different. I didn't feel abundant and I wasn't grateful for the trauma I was in. I knew I was meant to be something more, to live something more. Despite the pain I’ve faced since… Nothing has been worth sacrificing my choice and ability to live a different story. No fear would stifle me. No sadness would break me. No history would define me. Because I was Hungry. Hungry for happiness. Hungry for truth. I wanted to feel that gratitude and experience abundance.

I’m so honored and grateful to be able to speak with Cary Hokama on his Own Yourself Podcast. He’s the first to have the exclusive story on my past. This is the blog featured on his website ( along with the podcast episode.

OYS 017: Marin Gordon

How to Maximize Your Gratitude & Mazimize Your Abundance

"There is no perfect place. Perfection is everywhere." - Marin Gordon (The Grateful Gordons)

Begin and end with gratitude.  We've all heard it.  I always say it.  But when was the last time you said to yourself, "I am so thankful for my life.  I feel so free."

What's the difference between people who hear it and say it all the time to those who truly live by these words?

The Grateful Gordon's have been living magical lives on Youtube since 2010 and they don't shy away from all the bumps and bruises that life never fails to hurl at you.

Marin Gordon grew up in an abusive environment which forced her to leave her own family at the tender age of 12.

Although painful, this abhorrent experience alone elevated Marin's level of precociousness in her early teens.

"In my allowing to leave the family showed me that I can make a choice that can radically change my life, now."

Still, at just 19 and working in the fitness industry, Marin had already experienced enough of the fast-paced and materialistic culture that polarized the insatiable Southern California lifestyle.  She sold all of her belongings and went out to find her true calling in life by exploring the world.

She went all-in has not looked back ever since.

Today, Marin and her family live an unabashedly transparent life.  Their at-home birth video hit nearly 100 million views over night.

Their message is simple: Be grateful and your abundance flows.

Marin explains, "We believe life is meant to be lived and that we were meant to love and be loved. And for us, that purpose starts with Gratitude. In our lives, Gratitude has served as the fastest way to Abundance, and it is in that Gratitude that we find love for experiencing and being."

And with over 88,000 youtube subscribers and with over 115 million total views, the Grateful Gordons create scintillating videos and share personal lessons on life, wellness, and entrepreneurship with those who need a little extra love and positivity in their lives.

Here are some of Marin's key takeaways for you to explore in your own life today:

  • Getting rid of "stuff" and letting abundance flow in.
  • How being transparent about your personal trials will ultimately lead to sure-fire triumph.
  • How you can find life and gratitude in the midst of your absolute stillness.
  • How criticism makes you not only stronger, but more flexible.
  • How to not let your emotions define you and what you can do to overcome the painful ones.
  • The power of decision that can radically change your life NOW.

Marin's journey is deep and profound.  The best thing about her journey is that it's not about the past but rather, about what's going on now and more importantly, what YOU can do with yours.

How are YOU showing up to the world lately?  Are you introducing yourself to people the same way you did 5, maybe even 10 years ago?  If so, you can change that today.

Listen to my interview with Marin and I hope you can instantly improve in all areas of your life including freedom, wealth, health, and GRATITUDE.

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