When it comes to items we value only for their sentimental attachment, many of us struggle. These things can become huge energy saps: we invest our time, space, and money into them. We store them, haul them, clean them - often only out of guilt or simply not knowing what to do with them. 
To help you improve your space – physically and energetically – here are FIVE TIPS for handling sentimental belongings:

  1. REMOVE THE STORY- The story/feeling associated with the item actually exists in your mind – not in the item. Preserving the story in your memory rather than within the item helps you keep the good vibes and let go of the physical things.

  2. RE-ANCHOR-Try using the memory to journal or create art, poetry, or digital video/photo albums that reflect the feelings attached with the item. Creating a new anchor saves the story and frees you to part with the item.

  3. GIVE MEANINGFULLY- Gift your item to someone who can give it new life. Passing on a sentimental item can give both you and the recipient a shared sense of love and purpose for it.

  4. KEEP IT- Seems counter-intuitive, right! Rather than purging everything, try using a designated bin or keepsake chest to store items you just can’t part with. This keeps them organized and safe, plus you can easily locate them when you want to share or reminisce.

  5. REPURPOSE- Sometimes reimagining the way the things function in your life can give you a fresh way to love and appreciate them. Renewing the utility of your item can add even more love and make it more unique and valuable to your life. 

It’s not about getting rid of everything; it’s about keeping what amplifies ease in your life, reducing decision fatigue, and taking your energy to the next level!


For more information on this topic check out my YouTube video here.