No! You’re not crazy, we are no longer in a place where we just want to survive, we want to thrive!

The biggest thing here is to just get honest with yourself, to do that ask yourself why? Why do you want to hustle more? Is it because it’s a new fad, it’s the new cool thing to do; it’s the right thing to do? Or are you not satisfied with your life? Do you feel like you were meant to do more or be more?

If you are currently in a roll of leadership, why are you doing it? Let us know below!



Lets get clear, if you are doing this for results, which of course we are doing it for results but I’m talking result oriented for the ego. If so you’re going to feel dissatisfied, like you are giving and giving and not receiving in return, you’re not getting anywhere…

 It comes down to a perspective of a result rather than effort. This makes a huge difference when it comes to having a growth mindset. You want to focus on your efforts not your results. Yes when we are in business we need a certain level of results but I’m talking about on a personal level, why you’re pushing so hard and expecting so much out of yourself.  So ask yourself if it’s the results that give you satisfaction or the efforts?

 Another good question to ask yourself is “Am I comparing myself to others?” There is of course a healthy level on comparison but when there is frustration behind your comparison, a feeling of lack and unworthiness, negativity, dissatisfaction or disappointment, this thinking only decrease your level of satisfaction with life and what you’re doing rather than lifting you up and elevating you.


 Are you stoked about life? Do you feel like you are hustling for the greater good? Are you executing because it is fulfilling, meaningful and purposeful, all of this will naturally make you excited, despite the struggles and burn out!

 Is your perspective journey focused? Life becomes so fulfilling when your focus is put onto the journey rather than the destination. Instead of hustling to meat a monetary goal how do you think it would feel to be hustling so you can help as many people as possible and then just simply enjoying those people, and the time you get with them along the way!

 I’m getting energized just talking about this, how do you think it would feel to be living it? It’s naturally energizing and exciting! So why wouldn’t you want to hustle for the greater good?

 So keep pushing, keep hustling!

Until next time,
be good, be great and most of all be grateful,


I see you over there… Working hard, pushing hard, you’re dong a great job! I know you may not feel like it at the moment, maybe you feel like its not enough or you wish you could do more. Do you find yourself questioning if t his it, your max capacity? My hope is by the end of this post you’ll have a few new ideas on how to re-calibrate in order to have a healthy work life balance scenario. Because, I have a feeling you could not only use the balance in your life but I know you can so much more!

So you want more energy, time and balance in your life?

Let’s talk about the energy automation wheel.

 It consists of 3 elements:

1.     Work

2.     Resonation

3.     Enjoyment

The goal is to have balance in these three areas of your life.

Most of us tend to be over worked! Spending at least 90% of our time in this element! The remaining 10% typically goes towards errands, picking up the kids, cleaning the house, preparing for the next day and this still feels like work!

We tend to be good at working hard and playing hard leaving no time for restoration!

All of these things take energy out of our lives so if we are not taking time to restore that energy then we are going to feel depleted!

This goes for those of you that feel you don’t do much with your life, your schedule is pretty easy but you’re still feeling burnt out all the time, you’re exhausted, waking up tired all the time and find it hard to enjoy life. This is because you are missing the 3rd part of the wheel RESTORAION!

So how do we restore?

Imagine your energy as money. If you’re looking to get more money you typically do 1 of 2 things, or preferably both, you either save or invest your money.

 ·      SAVE = Rest & Relaxation

·      INVEST = Movement (this creates return of investment or more energy)

So in order to restore we need to take our time and we need to save and invest. To save we need to take time every single day to rest and relax. Make Time For This! Get to bed on time, take 5 minutes every 30-60 minutes to deep breath. Then invest your time into things that are going to return your investment, things like movement, if you need some inspiration try out The 5-minute MOVE challenge; this is going to create more energy. If you can manage your energy then you can manage your time and if you can mange your time you can be more productive, more fulfilled, you’re going to get more done and enjoy your time more!

I hope the time you just invested in reading this post has left you feeling more energized and inspired to find more balance in your life.

 Until next time,


I like to think of myself as a high capacity person but some of the people I admire and look up to have way more capacity for more, they have great attitudes, they hustle though the day, they get stuff done, they doe stuff from themselves and for everybody around them, they have amazing results and create beautiful things!

5 non-negotiable.png

 At a very young I started to question what’s the difference between them and me?

 We all have 24 hours in a day, we have access to similar resources so what is it?

 Through my observation I’ve narrowed it down to 5 Non-Negotiable Values.

 #1 VALUES OVER MONEY I don’t know any (materially) successful people in my life that are obsessed about money; they hold their values over money. Money is seen as a tool to help and give or to create something meaningful, but in the end the thing they stand by is values.

 #2 HIGH QUALITY PEOPLE It’s simple really; ask yourself “does this elevate my life?”  Do these people elevate my life?

#3 MINDSET High capacity people always seem to be learning, growing, open minded. In my experience, no one has ever been a “know it all” they always leave space for other to be right and are so patience and understanding.

 #4 HEALTH Health is huge and to live a high capacity life you have to do all you can to maintain it! My mentors, friends and successful people I have been able to spend time with have always had something to say about health. They get that health is needed in order to optimize their time and energy!

 #5 SELF CONFIDENCE Even if there is doubt, you don’t feel it, judgments of others are not worrisome, and it always seems that high capacity people either find their way or pave one for themselves!

 Now, I personally have not mastered any of these but becoming aware has helped me in life tremendously.

 I hope this has added value, more time and energy and maybe even a push towards becoming that high capacity person that you are capable of being.

 Be good, be great, and most of all be grateful.