What We Really Trade for Stuff...

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People don't realize how much stuff can bog them down. We spend a lot of time on stuff and while some of it is necessary, a lot of it isn't. Sometimes I like to reflect on how much time I spent on my possessions in a day... cleaning my house, washing the dishes, cleaning the mold out of stuff in storage, shopping for shelves or drawers to better organize my storage, organizing, cleaning out and decluttering, maintenance on my car, picking up toys, folding laundry... it's a job!

Then I ask myself how much time did I spend doing something more meaningful today? Connecting with people, having a loving conversation, meditating, creating something I'm passionate about, contributing to my community, helping others, quality time with my family... Usually taking care of "stuff" outweighs the latter for most of us in this society.

Now take that to finances. How much of my work really supports what I need and what adds value to my life? If I have an option to wear what I have or to buy a new top that's in style and is super cute and just went on sale... which would I choose? And why? We don't see that when we buy something just for the heck of fulfilling instant gratification we take away from long term, intrinsic gratification. Our sense of fulfillment, abundance, and love for our life experience.

We have replaced experience with things.

Many people are so out of touch with connectivity, community, and giving that they are convinced they're much happier with their things. They forget how those meaningful things feed their soul. They wonder why they keep buying more, making more money, and being a "somebody" doesn't make them happy.

If you're looking to find ways to remove the excess and fill up on more meaningful things, start by removing the clutter. A clear space allows for a clear mind and a supportive environment to facilitate your growth in a valuable direction.