Gratitude Letter

Dear Internet Family,

We are so thankful for you guys. It's been 5 years of a growing journey online and you have always been there, supporting our growth and enduring the changes. We love that you allow us the space to take our time as you patiently wait and embrace us when we show up again. That is unconditional and we feel so blessed to have that kind of love & support.

Your participation and connection with us and the community encourages more love and positivity, not just within the community, but in our lives as well as the world around us. It gives us warm fuzzies to think about new folks who come to our page and feel / experience all the love & open authenticity there.

You've contributed to a truly magical thing that instills our deep appreciation for our connection over the net. Thank you so much for being you! And for supporting us in every endeavor.

We love you!

-The Grateful Gordons

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