What is "Minimalism"?

Minimalism is a coined term that means different things to different people. Sometimes I am tempted to steer clear from the word because of the weight and assumption that can be imposed on the idea. When it comes down to it, "minimalism" is just the lazy way of saying, "I own less stuff compared to the average person, for my own reasons." But what does Minimalism really mean to me?

Minimalism is a personal awareness of making the choice to own or accumulate what adds value to your life and give up what doesn't.

Whether that means counting your items, owning a car, not owning a car, being a vegetarian, or living without digital clutter, the choice is between you and your life. Everyone is going to have a different expectation of what that means to them and that may change depending on where you find yourself in life.

The "right" way to be a minimalist, in this definition, is to be honest with yourself.

I share my journey through minimalism to share the value I've found in it, hoping that you may find value too. But I don't stand as "the" definition of, or the way you should do or be a minimalist. I hope that my journey may help you with yours. At the very least, I hope you are inspired to launch off in your own direction with it.