Minimizing Backwards

Minimizing is always so difficult. It never seems to get any easier. After going on a "purchasing-diet", I realize that shopping is just as an addictive of a habit as food is. I start fired up, nothing tempts me at the store, then someone gifts me or acquires something for themselves that perks my ears and all of a sudden I'm hot on the market. I'll be honest. I've cheated on my annual goal already. Several times. Many of which I bring my items and receipt back to the store, thankful that I can somewhat "erase" my mistake.

This week, I'm on fire again. Ready to lose weight. Materialistic weight. And as I look at everything I own, I think to myself, "I really, actually, kinda like all my stuff." However, I wanna see how it really feels like... I want to know for myself if it's really true...

Less is more. I am not my stuff. We don't really need all this. Things don't bring happiness. My life can still be fulfilling and abundant without stuff.

Really? Let's find out.

So I counted my stuff. Personal stuff that I'd own without my family I counted somewhere around 150. Depending on how you'd count. Ex. I have like 30 essential oils, but since they fit in 2 small cases, I counted them as 2. But I really think I could live with less, much less. Because with the little I own, I am still delightfully excessive. Ehem, 30 essential oils.

Once I got down to 200 items, I felt like leaning out got harder. Letting go didn't seem like an option, yet I know what my goals are and the reasons behind them. So I decided to approach it from another point of view... If I were to pack on a whim and I had 1 box to move (in Hawaii) with, what would I take with me?

Here's my list:

  • 8 Tops, 8 bottoms, 8 sports bras, 10 underwear, 1 jacket, 1 rainfly, 1 sweatpants, 1 macrame necklace, 1 flip flops, 1 swimsuit, 1 towel, 1 hat
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, chap stick, tweezers, magnify mirror, lavender castile soap, razor, hair straightener, deodorant, coconut oil, sea salt, barrettes, hair ties
  • Colloidal silver, all essential oils, palo santo, 2-3 different incense, incense holder, Radiance Sutras, 1 gemstone, abalone shell, small candle, tingsha cymbals, 4" singing bowl, journal
  •  iPhone 6, Olympus OMDEM1 - 2 lenses (no other accessories), laptop, small cd case with programs like rosetta stone and holosync
  • Ukulele, native flute
  • Travel Pillow, P-Style, 1 giant mug-bowl, wallet, passport

So what I've done today is left these items out and stored everything else away. I cuts everything down by half. I'm interested in how I will feel, what I take out, and what I let go of.

Will you join me in this experiment?