Quick Manifestations

I didn't realize what I had done when deciding to go for one year without unnecessary spending. I am used to seeing things that grab my attention and feeling justified to take them home with minimal scrutiny. This happened the next day after my new promise. We were at a local natural food store when I saw some palo santo. One of the locals was raving to me about the natural incense and I immediately understood the hype when I was drawn to the aroma of it coming from our roommate's room. I immediately recognized the squared sticks and put them in our shopping basket. "What are these?" Brett asked. "Palo Santo," after my reply I realized what was coming. "Do you need these?" "Uhh..." I sighed, "no." As I placed the incense back on the shelf I thought to myself, I'd like to manifest some into my life somehow. That would be really cool to receive some. I didn't think anything of it, I sort of just put it out there.

Two and a half weeks later I had a brief conversation with our Native American/permaculture-studied roommate about smudging and all the cool island plants that could be used for it. Later that day he came up to me, "I want to give you this," he held up a squared stick, "It's called palo santo. This is what the ceremonial tent always smells like, great to use for smudging."

I don't know why manifestations baffle me every time. After that I decided to go for something much more specific. One of the locals told me if a particular animal shows itself consistently in our lives, they become our protectors, a sign of good omen. The Hawaiians call them their family or personal gods. Sharks have become that for me. I thought to myself that maybe someday I'd have a necklace with a shark's tooth to remind me of my connection.

I wanted to find the tooth authentically. I didn't want it to be store bought or supportive of the fishermen who slaughtered sharks. I sat on the beach one day and chuckled to myself, It would be impossible to find a shark's tooth amongst all this rock and coral. I wonder how I'd even find it. But if life wants to grant me that, I'll take it as a sign that I can trust in the divine. Again, I just put it out there not expecting anything.

A week later our family was searching for sea glass and Brett started handing me odd things. Broken plates, crab legs, "I wonder what that is..." He handed me something that looked like cartilage and bone. I looked closer and immediately ran over to a fisherman standing nearby, "Excuse me! Do you know what this is?" He looked at it, "Shark's teeth." My heart lifted with excitement.


There was nothing pretty or exceptional about the teeth. In fact they're worn down from the tumbling waves and they belonged to what appears to be a cow shark. Not a tiger or white shark. I take it that my asking manifested into a reminder, not only to trust in the divine, but also to remember that not all things fearful are meant to be feared.

I wish I could list, in detail, all the manifestations that have come true for me in my life... from being stay at home parents, to living in Hawaii, to my first hawaiian shark encounter... but I'd much rather hear about your manifestation stories. Please share them with us in the comments below!