One Year without Spending

Woman-Holding-Money-3002036My Goal: To spend only on essentials and $0 on excessive items and wants.

Writing that down felt like a failure waiting to happen... it feels impossible... actually, worse... it feels like a lie.

Truth be told, although I am a minimalist I still purchase something excessive a few times a week. Whether it's more fabric for a sewing project, another essential oil, or a candle for our home, I am still bound to the desires of spending. And I'm addicted. I still love to shop. Shopping makes me feel like I'm doing something for myself. Like I'm treating myself for all the positive effort i put into life.

However, I'm ready to let go of the feeling that I actually need it to feel fulfilled.

Boycotting spending for a year is more or less an extreme way of proving to myself that I don't need it. That I can be happy and feel abundant in life without having to gift myself with something every time I run an errand. It could also bring up some interesting challenges that may be just what I need to breakthrough this wavering space I've been in for the last few years of wishing to feel lighter, yet continuing the vicious cycle of decluttering and re-accumulating. I am also excited to explore new ways of manifesting experience and desires into my life.

Whether you decide to take on the challenge for yourself or read about my experience, would you join me in a year of no-purchasing?