Moving / What we took to Hawaii

Moving is listed amongst some of the most stressful events in life including divorce and the death of a loved one. What?! It sounds crazy, but for most of us, we can easily relate to the overwhelm of sorting, packing, shipping all our belongings while uprooting the whole world around us. It took a couple dozen moves and thousands of dollars in my life to realize that moving was mainly so stressful for me due to the attachment, identification, and fear resulting in the clinging of all my stuff. I spent so much on this, I don't want it to go to waste. What if I need this in the future? But this is meaningful to the person who gave it to me...

After a while, I made a decision that the conflict wasn't worth the stress and certainly not worth being tied down. In 2009 I sold most of my possessions and lived out of a backpack while traveling the Philippines for three months. It was only the beginning of this newfound liberation and a life of minimalism. Over time I continued to let go of more and more.

Fast forward five years later, I have a family of four and we are still not "settled". We've enjoyed, as a family, living, visiting and experiencing Australia, New Zealand, Ohio, Utah, California, and Hawaii over the last few years. And although my personal possessions have been the most minimum they've ever been in my life it is still stressful for me every time we move! Gone are the days of slinging a backpack over our shoulders and leaving on a whim. We have diapers, snacks to plan, carriers, car seats...

(Yes, we're those people at the airport with kids on their backs, pushing a cart stacked too high of luggage. Every now and then, the stack slips and all the luggage falls creating a barricade of pissed off people. Not to mention the snail-pace it takes us to get from point A to B).

So what exactly did we bring to Hawaii? Here's the list, in case you're interested:

  • Checked Bag #1: Was a moving box filled with the kids' legos, hydration pack, a cutting board, kitchen knife, a few kids plates, bowls, and sippy cups, a couple placemats, and body care products (shea butter, oils, castille soap,  colliodal silver, etc.)
  • Checked Bag #2: Kids toys, kids books, camera tripod, reflectors, and diapers.
  • Checked Bag #3: All our clothes, 1 extra pair of shoes for each of us, 2 masks & snorkels.
  • 2 Car Seats (Check-In)
  • Carry On Bag #1: A few days worth of clothes, iPads, and daily essentials.
  • Carry on Bag #2: Jackets, baby food, diapers, wipes, water bottles.
  • Carry On Bag #3: My sewing Machine.
  • Personal Item #1: Backpack full of important documents, several external hard drives, passports, credit cards, computer wires, software, pens, and thank you cards.
  • Personal Item #2: Camera Bag with camera gear and computer.
  • Personal Item #3: Small cooler of food for the day.
  • Shipped Items: We had a medium flat rate box of my husband's tools shipped out, as well as my ukelele.

I would say, aside from our media work and a few excessive items (sewing machine & ukelele), we could have done it much lighter. But all of these items add value to our life experience and contribute to gaining us more time in our day.

If you had to move to an isolated island where shipping was expensive, what would you bring?